( crown )

Through an extremely perpendicular dance, Ana Pi invites the audience to appreciate the firmness of a standing body; a body that defies gravity, the law of gravity that operates over all bodies, but also gravity that operates only on some bodies. The name of this dance is COROA (crown), but could also be called “plumb line”, “para-ray” or “vertex”, but it is COROA.

The crown here alludes to those of the folias, reisados and congados (Brazilian Black Diaspora cultures), this object that opened space for an entire community to reorganize their heads and continues to do it until now. The crown is also one side of the same coin, a long time ago called by ship, which decides, which determines the course of a future.

The dimension of prayer, this thin line that is placed between two hands is invoked by the vigorous movements of this dance belonging. The verticality of the dancing body here also celebrates the great circle of which it is a part, a great circle of living, ancestral, missing and invisible black bodies. The body is no longer one, there are umpteen and all those bodies are revered, temporalities overflow.

COROA activates various ideas of the black brazilian body image, more specifically of black brazilian women, in order to provoke complexity in this terrain of often limiting representations.


MASTERING: Jideh High Elements




PREMIÈRE : 4/7/18 – São Paulo

14a. VERBO mostra de performance arte / galeria VERMELHO

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